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Liverpool Internet Cafe

Liverpool Internet Cafe is a friendly public internet access that has been servicing the Liverpool district since 2001.

We give the best value for our customers visitation, giving assistance on basic internet related issues at no extra charge. Simply being the friendliest place in town. This could be uploading pictures to FaceBook, MySpace, sending pictures via email, and also getting started chatting and calling free using Skype.

We also have the latest PC games for game enthusiast. Gamers also have the confidence knowing that we update game patches on a regular basis. Our computers are all secured and virus free. This will protect your data being stolen, as we do not keep any or our customers' details in the computers. So you can browse with no fear of your identity being exposed to the next person using the pc. So for all your online and gaming needs come and visit us and we'll be happy to assist.

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